was founded in April 2002 and offers its members a wide variety

of Instrumental music to perform for all Villagers to enjoy.

All members are residents of The Villages with varied backgrounds

with one commonality - instrumental music making in their

retirement years.

The Villages Concert Band is a member of New Horizons International,

the Association of Concert Bands and The Bands of The Villages

and supports senior citizens’ involvement in instrumental music programs.

Concert Band

Tuesday, 7 to 9pm, Mulberry Grove

Jean Butler 352-751-3401



Thurs, Dec 8, 7pm

Christmas is coming and in addition to the goose getting fat, the Concert

Band is gearing up for its annual holiday concert. The band under the

direction of Conductor Jean Butler has every intention of spreading joy

and enhancing holiday spirits through an uplifting music program.

“I’ve put together a festive music lineup,” said Butler, who’s been at the

helm of the band for 20 years, serving as its conductor. “I believe people

are going to leave the concert feeling upbeat and humming their favorite Yuletide songs.”


For weeks, strains from seasonal compositions have filled the rehearsal hallways as Butler directed a notable list of traditional and contemporary music. Some of her favorite selections feature tunes such as “Home Alone Christmas”, “Celtic Carol”, and “Jingle Bells Forever”.  And for those who

like to sing, they are invited to join with the band as they play the “Christmas Sing Along”.

So, pull out the old red and green sweater and invite family and friends to share in the enjoyable occasion! The program is guaranteed to evoke

feelings of joy, warmth, and even memories from previous good times.

There’s nothing like the sounds of the season to serve as a head start for setting a great holiday mood. 

The annual event is set for 7pm on Thurs, Dec 8 at North Lake Presbyterian Church in Lady Lake located at 975 Rolling Acres Road. Tickets are

available for $15 through the band’s website or from band members at

the door. For those who prefer to arrive with tickets in hand, the following

is the purchasing process:   


1.Search on

2. At the top of the page locate a button marked “Tickets”; and then 

3. Click on the button and follow the directions.

Ways to Improve Practice Time




The Villages Concert Band

is active in the area, supporting groups and organizations with the funds from all concerts.

Jean Butler, the conductor of The Villages Concert Band has built a great musical organization here in The Villages that approaches every playing opportunity with tremendous professionalism.  Interested in becoming a part of The Villages Concert Band?


Jean Butler at

or 352-751-3401

Attendance Policy for playing a Concert

As we continue grow

in quality of 

performance and quantity of members

it is imperative to

have full attendance

at rehearsals. We all know that there are 

very good reasons

why people are not

able to attend every rehearsal and those reasons are respected; however, the following guidelines have been established to insure

the highest level of performance that we 

can possibly achieve.

It is expected you 

attend at least 1/2 of 

our rehearsals as well

as the dress rehearsal

in order to be able to perform at any 

Concert. If for some reason you are unable

to achieve this, you 

will still retain your membership in the 

Band, but will not perform at that particular Concert.

You know how much practice you need in order to play the 

music well, but keep 

in mind that the full group needs YOU! 

To achieve the proper blend and balance of 

the ensemble, it is necessary that you are at each rehearsal to contribute your part 

so the Director can make the necessary adjustments. 

If there are special circumstances in not being able to meet the above requirements please contact the Director and you will 

be notified of any exemption which 

might be granted.

I hope you understand and support the 

policies mentioned above while we 

continue to improve musically.



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